Friday, February 6, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

Today has been a rather funny day. It's so funny to listen to Kaitlyn talk and talk and talk. We were sitting on the bed today and a commercial came on. The two individuals were introducing themselves. Next thing I hear is, "Hi! I'm Kaitlyn and this is my mommy." It was just precious.

Pregnancy story...
So as you know I'm rather sick which requires several "visits" to the bathroom. I try to make sure that Kaitlyn is busy as I make my visits. Well she followed me in today and came over to see what was happening. She looks and then starts gagging. She then backs up to the door and said, "close the door!" I thought for sure that I would be cleaning up her mess off the floor when I was done. Quite hilarious! She did this the other day too except she asked what it was.

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