Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh How the Time Flies By

(This post is from 12-13-10. I couldn't get the date to change from when I first attempted to create this post.)

Is it REALLY middle of December already??? We have enjoyed Fall here. It's hard to believe that it's been so warm. Going to the park in long sleeves in the middle of December should be unheard of! Oh how I wish for snow though. I want to play in it with the girls.

The girls are growing so fast. We are quickly approaching Kaitlyn's 4th birthday! It seems that she has grown up so much lately. She loves her weekly sleepovers at her grandparents. She continues to love that Taylor is getting old enough to really play with. However, she's doesn't always truly comprehend why Taylor doesn't always want to be a dog or to be carried around. In her perfect world she would be a mommy with a dog. :) Kaitlyn has really taken interest in helping me with the dishes and sweeping. She recently told me that it was now her job to sweep. Nice!

Taylor is as cute as ever with her scrunchy face. She can be quite a ham in front of the camera. Boy is she a busy little baby! Taylor is just as smart as her sister too. However, she just chooses not to talk- stinker! She does know a few words, however. When we try to get her to say a word she just laughs at us. Really, she does! I think she figures we say it just fine so why should she attempt? :) We're getting really good at figuring out what "uh, uh" and "this" is. Of course, Kaitlyn thinks she's a pro at figuring out what she wants. Even though Taylor is a petite little thing, she can sure keep up with her sister. Let's see...she loves her belly button, climbing, playing on the stairs, "trying" to go potty on the toilet, more climbing, touching skin when she's tired, bear and her pacifier. Of course there's more but we'll end it at that.

What can I say other than we are so blessed! We are continually thankful to God. Here's a few pictures to share with you what we've been up to the past couple months. The zoo pictures are from the middle of November!

Kaitlyn made an outfit out of a plastic bag. She put her feet in and made leg holes! So creative!

The girls in "night crawlers" (as Kaitlyn would call them)

Halloween Fun

Halloween has already come and gone?!! Our little SWAT officer and ladybug had a great time. They were able to enjoy their costumes twice- once at church and then on Halloween night. Such cuties! Taylor really got the hang of the whole trick-or-treating and Kaitlyn was a great big sister in helping. I think Kaitlyn likes the fact that Taylor is getting big enough to share in the fun with