Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Addition

Our new little addition will be here on April 23! She's going to be absolutely adorable. We will pick up our little black lab in 2 weeks. Kaitlyn is beyond thrilled and Taylor doesn't have a clue what's going on. She loves the IDEA of dogs but gets scared when they get near. Bless her heart, she doesn't have a clue how her little world is going to change. : ) Check back in a couple weeks for new pictures!

A Long Overdue Update!

I was looking at the date when I last posted and it was in December! This is, for sure, a long overdue update on the family. Since we last posted, Kaitlyn celebrated her 4th birthday at the beginning of March. Four years old! Can it be? She's growing up so quickly. Lately, Kaitlyn has really started enjoying sounding out words and writing them. In fact, today she wrote made a card for her Great Grandma that said, "Hab brda grat grno." For those of you who are quite fluent in phonetic spelling it says, "Happy birthday great grandma." I only helped her with her finger spacing between her words. I was ever so proud of her! She was creating words with sidewalk chalk the other day outside. I was quite surprised when she wrote "crstl" (crystal). She is also sounding out words as we're reading. Of course the teacher in me takes advantage of these teachable moments that come daily. : ) Kaitlyn has enjoyed learning about telling time and can tell and show you time on a clock in the simplest form (1:00, 3:00 etc.) She thinks she hot stuff being able to identify and demonstrate this! Taylor is doing very well and is already 19 months old. Although she is still determined not to talk, she's a smart little thing. She doesn't miss a beat. She does say some words but she is more than happy at keeping that total at a minimum. I told her tonight that she'd do awesome in charades! She's quite amazing at that. : ) Taylor's newest favorite thing to do is her dancing video. Okay, really is a ballerina DVD that does a few different dances to the story of Cinderella. It's actually quite adorable. She is constantly pulling out her princess dance mat and then attempts to turn the DVD on herself. Such a smart cookie! She loves to imitate especially ANYTHING that Kaitlyn does. Taylor adores her older sister and they play very well together, for the most part. Taylor's hips are doing well. We go back in at age 2 for another x-ray to make sure she's still on track. Boy, that's only 5 months away! Both of the girls recently had a nasty bout of RSV. I never knew just how horrible that virus was and just how contagious is was as well. We were down and out for about 1 1/2 weeks. Thankfully we're through it now. One more sickness under their belt to help create an immunity for later, right? Hopefully we'll be well for a while now.