Thursday, August 11, 2011


Bella is now almost 6 months old!

A Long Overdue Update!

Oh my! It's been quite a while since I've updated. I'm not even sure I've put a picture of our dog on here. Bella is our little black lab who LOVES the girls and the girls adore her. Let's just say she's a puppy. For those of you who have ever raised a puppy you know what I mean. : ) She is incredibly patient with Taylor who tugs, pulls and bosses her around. So good natured and incredibly sweet.

Kaitlyn is approaching 4 1/2 in September. Taylor will be 2 in 14 days, already! I'd better be figuring out what exactly I'm going to do for her birthday. It will be here before I know it. Kaitlyn is as sweet as ever. The problem is, she just won't stop growing up! She enjoys being such a big helper with the dog. I love that she and Taylor can now play together. It's funny because she reverses the roles when they play. Taylor is the mom and she is the baby (or one of them is the dog which I thought would stop once they got a dog). Recently, it was rather precious when they were playing in Kaitlyn's kitchen and they each brought Jason breakfast in bed. Boy were they proud of their pretend creations! Kaitlyn loves to be a role model for Taylor which is great because Taylor wants to be just like her.

I have started preschool with Kaitlyn. She asks me to do it with her which makes it even more fun. I pulled out a lot of my teaching stuff from when I taught kindergarten and it's coming in quite handy!

Taylor is finally starting to talk. She said her first sentence on June 9th! "Don't touch" came out of her mouth much to our amazement. It was after that I realized I really do tell her that quite often. I guess it's proof she does listen! Since then she's added MANY more words to ber vocabulary as well as a few phrases. Taylor's not quite 2 yet and just about potty trained. She wants to be like Kaitlyn so much that she has done this all herself, amazingly! I love it! Hopefully the diapers that I currently have will be the last diapers I will ever buy.

We had the opportunity to take a family vacation to San Diego this summer. It was a much needed vacation. It was so nice to just get away- just our little family. We went to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, a Padres baseball game and of course the beach. The girls LOVED the ocean. Thankfully we took our tent with us because it allowed us to stay one day for 5 1/2 hours! We were there for 6 days which was absolutely relaxing but I must say, it's always good to come home. :)

Since I haven't been good about updating the pictures you will be surprised just how much the girls have grown. Enjoy pictures of our last few months!

San Diego Vacation