Friday, September 10, 2010

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

It's hard to believe that Fall is here! I'm SO excited!!! I thought I'd better put up some recent pictures and LOTS of them. :)

Daddy told her no more popcorn so she problem solved. She went and carried a stool over to the counter. Stinker!

Sisterly love!!!

Playing with a ladybug

Just had a popsicle

Fun with bows!

one..two..three..bite your lip! :)

One of Kaitlyn's favorite things to do...
listen to books on tape/cd
Kaitlyn segmented the word "cat", identified the sounds
and wrote the letters in order to create the word-
all by herself!

Balloon Fun!

We got up at the crack of dawn- no it was still dark- to go to the balloon classic! Taylor wasn't thrilled about waking up at 5:15 a.m. but definitely enjoyed it as much as Kaitlyn. The girls were troopers even though they were tired and cold. It was a really neat experience for them.