Monday, May 17, 2010

April Showers brings May Flowers...and Snow and Cold!

May is here and so is the snow and cold...still! This spring, so far, has been a bit chilly and the snow is still coming. I do hope that it will be a wet spring though.
Things are going well! The girls are doing wonderful and growing so quickly. Kaitlyn is loving that she can go out in the backyard by herself to play like a big girl. She loves to help us in the yard. When Jason mows, she gets her doll stroller and follows him around "mowing" behind him. She has really taken to following him in his footsteps no matter what he does. :)
Taylor is taking advantage of her freedom of crawling and gets where she wants to go, fast! Not only has she become a pro at crawling but she has mastered pulling herself up on everything. Unfortunately, she's quickly learning that not everything supports her in doing so. I'm thankful that she has figured out how to get back down on the floor after standing up. Whew! That presented some issues there for her for a little bit. :) It's hard to believe that she'll be 9 months next week. I keep telling both girls not to grow up but it's just not working!!!

Taylor has discovered her "scrunchy face"

Kaitlyn enjoys playing dress up!

Taylor playing with Kaitlyn's kitchen

Kaitlyn getting all dolled up before the Cinderella musical

Kaitlyn and her friends Adelyn and Paige

Oops! Taylor found the colored pencil Kaitlyn left on the floor!!

If You're Happy and You Know It...Laugh at Your Sister

One thing that brings me so much joy is to watch Kaitlyn and Taylor interact. Taylor will just laugh and laugh at Kaitlyn and her silliness. I pray that they will be best friends as they grow up!

The Joy of Wildlife

We really enjoy having a field behind our house. There is so much wildlife that we get to watch! Just last week we caught a momma fox and her 2 pups in our neighbor's yard. Of course we took video while they put on quite a show for us! Later on the momma fox came into our yard to bury her latest kill. As she buried her mouse in our wood chips, she pulled her already buried kill, a large snake, and took it with her! The pictures are from her visit in our yard.