Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year from us! I am hoping to keep up with the blog a little better than I have lately. I finally was able to add some video so I am thrilled! It's fun to show you the girls in action- to show you what we enjoy everyday! As the time goes by our girls continue to get older. Really, this shouldn't be. :) It seems that Kaitlyn has all of a sudden "grown up" lately. She keeps us laughing on our toes with witty comments, questions and energy. A couple nights ago I was putting her to bed. This was our converstion...
KAITLYN: "Mom, can I sleep in your room?"
ME: "No, you may not. You need to sleep in your room."
KAITLYN: "But I asked myself if I wanted to sleep in my room and I said no." Too funny!
The things Kaitlyn comes up with is truly amazing for a 2 year old. No longer can we talk about whatever we would like when she is around. Not only will she repeat it later on but she has an impeccable memory. Don't ever promise her something you can't carry through with.
Taylor would love to keep up with Kaitlyn. She absolutely LOVES Kaitlyn and loves watching her no matter what she's doing. She even has sympathy for her when she's in trouble. I have also seen Taylor encouraging Kaitlyn with some not-so-good behavior by smiling and giggling. Oh boy! :) Taylor is now eating rice cereal and she is enjoying it. She is also rolling over and is getting so close to sitting up by holding herself. She will last for a few moments before her leaning becomes a topple. Have you ever seen a happy baby? Not until you've met little Taylor! Her smile and giggle is incredibly contagious. We have been so very blessed with our two little girls!

Laser Fun, Teeth and Lots of Giggles!

Jason pulled out his laser pen the other night and Kaitlyn absolutely loved it. Who said cats are the only ones who can have fun chasing a laser?! We thought we'd capture her excitement!

This is Taylor giggling. Can't resist sharing this! :)

Kaitlyn brushing her teeth (spitting is her favorite part!)

This is Taylor telling us all about her first experience with rice cereal